Spanish cuisine around the world

The name of the Spanish gastronomy in the world is indisputable. Great Spanish cooks have opened their doors to lovers of good food beyond our borders.

Spain is one of the most Michelin starred countries in Europe: Jose Mari Arzak, Sergi Arola, Martín Berasategui, Eneko Atxa and Carme Ruscalleda are some of the leading figures in the prestigious ranking. Do not forget Ferrán Adriá, one of the fathers of molecular cuisine, nor his restaurant El Bulli, once considered the best in the world.

The culture of the tapa, in addition, has contributed to the generalized internationalization of our gastronomy. Delicious snacks can be tasted today in almost any place in the world. Snacks, which, without a doubt, are capable of provoking an authentic explosion of pleasure to the most demanding palates and to any pocket.

But what is a tapa? According to the RAE, among other meanings, it is “a small portion of some food served as an accompaniment to a drink.”

However, we should not confuse tapas and pinchos. The RAE says of the pincho that it is a”portion of food taken as an appetizer, which is sometimes pierced with a toothpick”.

In conclusion, pinchos are tapas but not all the tapas are pinchos since to be a pincho it is necessary to be pierced by a stick… although not always!

It is complicated the Spanish gastronomy! That’s why I advise you not to worry about thinking so much of what every thing is and just go to tapear. Oh! And what exactly is tapear? We’ll explain what it is another day and where to go to practice it…                                   




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