Why learning Spanish?

  1. Many of us already know the benefits of learning a second language for our brain: cognitive flexibility, more reasoned decision making, greater brain power in task changes, better problem solving …

    But let’s talk now about the practical benefits of learning and speaking a second language, such as Spanish. Today we are going to summarize them in the 5 most important ones:

    1. Spanish is perfect for traveling. It will help you break down barriers and open you up to new countries and cultures. You will be able to access, if you want, the less touristy corners where you will be able to savour the authentic customs of the place and to become one more during your stay. And all this in paradisiacal places of the Caribbean, the rest of Latin America or in sunny Spain, visiting Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Andalusia, Basque Country …http://www.spain.info/
    2. It will help you in your professional career or your business. Many Latin countries are emerging at an economic level. They are attractive as suppliers and as customers for large companies and many countries. The United States has significantly increased its Latin-speaking population, which opens the doors to the South American market to any company doing business in the north. What better business strategy than using their own language? It is clear that speaking Spanish is to have an important tool in your favour.
    3. Do you like music, movies, arts and culture in general and the Hispanic one in particular? To enjoy it even more and understand it in depth, nothing better than to learn their language. Imagine being able to read Don Quixote in Cervante’s own language, recite the poems of the great Chilean Pablo Neruda or identify yourself with a character from a film by Almodóvar. And cook an exquisite dish following the recipe of any of the great Spanish chefs with Michelin stars?
    4.  Spanish is easy! And we are not the only ones who say it. We have the same alphabet and it is almost completely phonetic, that is, it pronounces almost everything as it is written. Yes, I know … grammar! It really does not have to be a problem. With basic grammar you can talk and communicate! The rest, comes alone. In addition, there are many words similar to English. What else?
    5.  Just a note: “The British Council’s “Languages of the Future” report ranks non-English languages in order of importance for British citizens to learn, based on a thorough analysis of cultural, economical, and diplomatic factors. Spanish topped the list, followed by Arabic, French, and Mandarin”. So, if they have decided that, it may be a good idea to follow their footsteps…

Can you think of any more reasons to learn Spanish? Share them with us!

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