We are Arancha and Berta, certified Teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language. We have experience giving classes to a wide range of students of different levels and nationalities, both in group and individually. We both love and enjoy teaching and sharing our language and culture with our students. 

We founded ChitChat Spanish in 2016 with the goal of providing our students with the opportunity to learn Spanish online through communicative and enjoyable classes. 

Our students are our priority, that is why, with us, you will learn while optimizing your time with customized classes via Skype, maximum flexibility and all at affordable prices.

Are you ready to start learning Spanish at your own pace?

Hi, I'm Arancha!


Hi! I’m Arancha, I was born in Barcelona in 1965. I had been working in Tourism for many years before I realized how much I enjoyed contact with people from different countries, cultures and languages. Later on, I worked for international companies in this field and other areas.

I always loved languages and enjoyed having the chance to use them to enrich the communication with others. I lived in the UK for some years a long time ago and in July 2015 I came back to live in London, a magical city where you can share experiences with people from all around the world.

I have been working as a Private Tutor for small groups in-company and giving one-to-one lessons. I gained my Certification as a Teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language from International House.

Hi, I'm Berta!

Spanish teacher

Hi! I’m Berta. I was born in Barcelona in 1988. I have a degree in Translation and Interpreting, a Masters in Conference Interpreting and Translation and a Spanish teaching qualification from International House. I have worked for different language schools teaching Spanish as a foreign language to groups of different levels and nationalities. I have also given private classes to adult students.

I am passionate about travelling and meeting people from different countries and cultures. This passion has taken me to places such as India, Argentina, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, United States and Scotland, where I lived for more than a year.

Speaking four different languages has helped me understand the challenges that students face when learning a new language. That is why I like to customise my classes to the students’ needs so they can learn a lot and have fun at the same time.

How was ChitChat Spanish born? We met in the teaching training course offered by International House Barcelona. We immediately got along but we both followed our own paths afterwards. Almost two years later, we met again in different circumstances. However, we had, at that point, a common goal: help remove the main barriers that people face when learning a new language (lack of time and flexibility, commuting, reconciling work and family life, amongst others). That is how we decided to start teaching online and create ChitChat Spanish.

“For someone who’s sensitive about her inablity to speak Spanish, I felt very relaxed with Berta – her teaching style is very reassuring, and that’s what I needed. I became comfortable with speaking while still making mistakes. I learned to conjugate the present tense and learned to express what I like and don’t like”.

Razwana Wahid, United Kingdom
Emotional Intelligence Leadership Trainer


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