What our ChitChatters say

Nothing better than knowing what some of our students like the most about their online classes with us and what they have learned.


“What I like the most about the classes is the interaction with my teacher. Arancha has been very comunicative and engaging. I have learned how to communicate in Spanish, feel more confident using expressions and grammar, be able to start a proper conversation in Spanish”.

Federica Perozziello, Italy
Graphic Designer

“What I like about the classes with Berta is that it is individual and personalized teaching. I am learning to have conversations, conjugate verbs in different tenses and especially to understand the language, since it is so different from the languages I know”.

Iris Van Rijnbach, The Netherlands

“I like the classes because they are personalised and adapted to what I need to learn. I am learning the correct way to speak. I am now thinking about and implementing correct speech when talking. I am understanding the rules of the languages especially verbs and tenses. I can’t think of anything to be improved, it would help if I did the homework as my progress would be much faster.”

Stephen E. Mitchell, United Kingdom
Programmatic Advertising Solutions


“For someone who’s sensitive about her inablity to speak Spanish, I felt very relaxed with Berta – her teaching style is very reassuring, and that’s what I needed. I became comfortable with speaking while still making mistakes. I learned to conjugate the present tense and learned to express what I like and don’t like”.

Razwana Wahid, United Kingdom
Emotional Intelligence Leadership Trainer

“I was a student of Berta at her previous job. She was my teacher for B1 level Spanish. During my time as a student I have observed her to be impeccable in her preparations for the classes and a teacher who puts extra effort to make the class lively and interesting. She also came across as a person who is well travelled and that adds to the flavor of her teaching. I recommend her highly and I would probably be taking her help in sitting for my DELE exams”.

Arunkumar Gunasekaran, India
Partner at Arje Law

“I was taking Spanish classes for 5 months where Berta was my teacher and I truly enjoyed every minute of it.
Berta is a very creative, energetic and insightful teacher who has the art of teaching.
Extremely flexible and smart in organising her classes so there is a good mix of grammar and practice. Time flies in her class.
She helped me a lot in boosting my Spanish and I would only recommend her highly to anyone who wants to learn Spanish with a Pro like her!”

Valeria Manenkova, Latvia
Recruitment Manager at  Approach People Recruitment


“Arancha is very patient, and comes prepared with different materials to help guide the lessons. She encourages us students to work together during lessons and it is a pleasure being a student. ​​We walk away with notes each lesson as well as printed material to practice with and Arancha is always pleasant and cheerful.”

Dipun Mistry, United Kingdom
Senior developer at Ve Interactive

“Arancha’s lessons inspired me to refresh and continue learning Spanish. She was using a variety of techniques like songs, movies and different kinds of exercises to keep the learner motivated and interested.”

Krzysztof Suwiński, Poland
Software Engineer at ASOS.com