ChitChat Spanish is about online tailored Spanish lessons. We have a variety of packs to choose from, with different number of classes and prices so you can decide what is more convenient for you.

  • You will learn with qualified teachers with more than 4 years of experience in the language sector. Our methods and technics are only used by professional teachers.
  • We will help you communicate in Spanish. We follow a Communicative Approach: very practical classes where we focus on communication and real life situations.
  • Flexibility and availability: we are always there to help you, and if you need to reschedule your class, we can find a way to do it. Learning Spanish via Skype will help you optimize your time!
  • All your lessons will be taylor-made and based on your needs and interests, since your motivation and improvement are the most important things for us. Therefore, no two classes are the same just as no two students are the same. What do you need to learn? What do you want to learn? Do you want to learn general Spanish or Spanish with a specific purpose? Let us know what you are looking for and we’ll work on it together.
  • Motivation is a “must” for us. Every lesson is a step forward to achieve your goal of communicating in Spanish. Everything takes place in a relaxed and friendly environment via Skype!
  • One-to-one lessons on Skype: Like in any one-to-one class, all our focus is on you and your learning. At the same time, your listening and attention is enhanced on Skype. Classes can be conducted with the use of headphones and the student is normally in their house, which results in less distractions and external noises. Moreover, while learning a language can be daunting and overwhelming sometimes in face-to-face situations, the environment created via Skype allows the student to feel more relaxed and less intimidated.
  • Interaction: teaching online requires an excellent class preparation on behalf of the teacher. Not only that, classes have to be interactive and practical because most of the time the class will be verbal, which normally is the fastest and most effective way to learn a language.

Conversation: gain confidence and get fluent acquiring new vocabulary and learning new tools to improve your speaking skills.



General Spanish: learn the language to use it anywhere you want and in a wide range of situations.

Spanish with specific purposes: Spanish for business? Tourism? Hospitality? Healthcare? Choose what you need.

Our lessons are  always focused on your needs and interests.

Take a Free Trial Class and tell us what you are looking for!